Wednesday, January 03, 2007


There was nothing high-falutin' about our NYE celebrations this year which we took in Tumut. It was a weekend all about blood, sweat and beers. Matt, an old uni mate, accompanied my folks and the Professor to the family farm for the long weekend where many an ambitious task was planned. There was a pool to demolish and a veranda to errect. The boys brought their tool boxes, Pa brought the heavy equipment and my Ma brought the tea.

It was a weekend of blue open skies, seering sunshine, beers in the rain (yes RAIN!), work boots, builder's cracks, power tools, grunted converstaions, endless homecooked meals and little bit of Buble on the stereo.
The fellas, digging a hole 'big yellow toy' style.

We discovered a new 'crumble' recipe, two toads and Pa's reo penchant. We spotted a few deadly animals, watched Pa cut willow branches for hungry cattle and ate corn chips shaped like Christmas trees.

There was many a chat about cricket, rivets and concrete setting.

Really, it could have been an ad for VB.

Ma tells me that Pa is now suffering from blokey-conversation withdrawal.