Friday, October 28, 2005

Another Day at the Office

I know, I know. You've been DYING for me to post a nice long review of my working week in paradise- the sunshine, the picture-perfect beaches, the glorious swimming, the snorkeling. Well, unfortunately for you all, I only took a work camera with me and was unable to capture any illustrations for that side of my holiday. I MEAN WORK.

So as to give you a little taste though...

It began with some real quality time in which I got to know Auckland airport.

On some level, I think we formed a very deep seated friendship.

But on to Rarotonga with all it's natural beauty.

Of course, I was there to work and couldn't spend ALL my time on the beach. It's not like you can sit in a banana lounge with a laptop. You could get sand in it. You might drip salt water onto it after a little dip. I had loads of data entry and meeting notes to get through so I had to set up and work from my room. Here.

Luckily I could set up out at the table on the deck. For fresh air. To help me work.

I investigated quality and availability.

Most essentials were readily available.
Schools are suitable for expats, until highschool.

Work did not stop at 4pm though. At night I had to explore the top local restaurants and see if they deserved their reputations.

I managed one night off. I spent it with Pauline, my resort assigned partner for 'Island Night.' Pauline is 42 and likes cooking, travelling and long walks on the beach. Sadly, I was not her Mr Right.