Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Fun with Guns

Ooh yes, I like the feel of it in my hand, the power, the sexiness of a loaded gun, heavy and dangerous.

I like the thrill you feel as you gently squeeze the trigger, the moment of fear that makes you flinch quickly before you look to see the effect…

Little biscuits. Hundreds and hundreds of pretty little biscuits!

Bang- a little kiss. Bang bang- some daisies. Bang bang- delicate little ringlets. I could do this all day and all night- stand in the kitchen with my bowl of dough, my greased tray and loaded gun, squirting row after row of slightly wonky little treats until dehydration and exhaustion knock me out completely. It is SO satisfying!

My favourites so far:

Little kisses with chocolate bottoms.

Flowers smoodged together with boiled blackberry jam.

But this is just the beginning! I need more practise, more biscuit dough, more baking trays, more time! I want to dip, spread, sprinkle, wedge! Give me chocolate, sprinkles, crushed nuts, ganash, boiled jam and butter filling! Give me an army of sweet-tooths with gallons of tea who can deal with the sugary aftermath of my frenzied biscuit making battles.

Professor, draw your snacking weapon!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Birthday Pie

I am a great advocate for the propagation of the ‘birthday festival’. I think that the privilege of being birthday boy or girl should carry on from the first birthday gesture to the last, bringing with it all the spoiling, feasting, toasting and ribbing such a title affords!

Pa’s birthday festival began on Tuesday with the arrival of the first birthday card in the mail. Yesterday, his actual birthday, our family (including my little brother's fabulous girlfriend and, of course, the Professor) kept with our tradition, taking him out for a low-key dinner at one of our favourite restaurants before bringing him home for present time and coffee (including the Pecan & White Chocolate Pie I baked yesterday).

Now, the festival will extend all the way to Sunday when we meet up with some extended family for a sailing day on Sydney harbour. Let there be champagne, smoked salmon, crusty bread and birthday cake till the sun sets on the last day of Pa’s 56th birthday festival!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Double Identity

I make no apology. It has been four months since my last shoe purchase when I happily brought “Big Reds” home to meet my clan. I think I have demonstrated great self restraint and stoicism in the face of temptation. This is why I am not ashamed to announce that the drought has broken!

Here are my vampy sexy new work shoes- ready for power walking into interviews and impressing potential employers with my sassy, take no prisoners approach. I call them my "corporate butt-kickers"!

But by night, I prefer to be a demure little oriental princess, eyelids battering away, blushing at the attention my darling little shoes bring me. My sweet-as-daisies "ballet slippers".

Ah happiness! How easily you come to me...