Thursday, March 23, 2006

Out of the Wilderness

One word:


My few days in the wilderness of the Central Western Highlands was, as you guessed, FANTASTIC. Beautiful countryside, wonderful people, more tasty food. My big highlight came after a triumphant tramp down the last mountainside in our big trek, descending on our tiny little village, marching along the rice paddy walls when my eye was caught by the saggy grey bottom of a munching, lumbering elephant! Nearly fell into the rice paddy with juvenile giddiness. Got to meet her later on and fell in love, very very quickly.

My old girl

Arriving in Nam Ka after our trek

Dinner at our second long house home stay

From wooden floors for beds, wake-ups at 5am (care of rude roosters, birthing puppies & propaganda radio) and a distinct lack of running water to... heavenly Hoi An. This place is THE BEST. Fighting my materialistic urge (badly), giving in to my greedy side, wallowing in the charm of this beautiful old place. Certainly no cure for my new coffee drinkers' tick, gluttons' elbow, motorbikers' bum or dancers' blisters.

I should leave it there this time. You all should try to make it here sometime. Beautiful Hoi An.

Penny & me at our office in Hoi An

View from our office

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