Friday, March 31, 2006

Having a rotten time

Oh boy, am I glad to be getting out of here soon.

Frankly, I don't really care much for this country. The lush and misty rice paddies, sandy beaches, ramshackle temples and colourful market places are all a bit dull really. All the history, the mysticism, the humanity. The shopping!

I'm not charmed at all by the brightest smiles and wildest waves 'hello' of all the excited little children we pass, or the soft sing-song voices and gentle manners of our local guides, or by the poise and serenity of the school girls gliding by on their bicycles, beautiful oi zais rippling in their wake.

Really, when have I EVER got a thrill out of pretty little calves, puppies, piglets, ducklings or chickens? Or elephants for that matter. And quite truthfully, I'm sick and tired of the endless parade of wonderful local specialities that have crossed my table- fresh, tasty, surprising, cheap and satisfying. Add to that the monotony of the constant supply of great coffee, fresh fruit, baguettes and spring rolls to die for and I'm going to be coming home a few sizes smaller!

As the wobbly texta lines on my map creep ever northward, the climate softens, friendships deepen, wallets lighten and belts loosen, I wonder, why on earth did I ever come to this bloody country?

Back in OZ oh so soon.

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